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The Cat and the Wizard, by Dennis Lee

Perhaps you wonder
How I know
A cat and a wizard
Can carry on so?
Well: if some day
You chance to light
On Casa Loma
Late at night,
Go up to the window,
Peek inside,
And then you’ll see
I haven’t lied.
For round & round
The rabbits dance,
The moon is high
And they don’t wear pants;
The tuna fish
Patrol the hall,
The butterflies swim
In the waterfall,
And high and low
With a hullabaloo
The castle whirls
Like a tipsy zoo!
And in the corner,
If you peer,
Two other figures
May appear.
One is dressed
In a spiffy hat:
The queen of the castle,
The jet-black cat.
The other’s a wizard
Of high degree.
The wizard is grinning.
The wizard is me.
— from THE CAT AND THE WIZARD, published by HarperCollins Publishers Ltd. Bookmarked at the Casa Loma, September 29, 2016.